Our company


ANTHILL is a technology transfer center and developer of new technologies, ready to tackle the challenges of the mining industry in Mexico and Latin America.

It promotes the continuous education of mining professionals, adding knowledge with the highest international standards in their field of expertise, enabling them to acquire and enrich their knowledge and thus achieve individual professional growth, allowing them to stay at the forefront of knowledge in their field.

Offer high-impact specialized certified practical courses that help solve the day-to-day problems of mining operations.

Our Vision

To be recognized as an international center for technological development capable of supporting the mining industry in key aspects of the business and leading best mining practices and business development.

Our Mission

To provide continuous education to mining professionals, certifying industry personnel in the use of best international practices in light of local legislation, and conducting technical research to enhance processes.

Our Strategy

Involve international research centers such as ARMA, ISRM and Local and International Universities; Obtain support from international consulting companies and government.